This page has been superseded by my new site at https://darrenhall.co.

I’m Darren Hall (but I’m guessing you knew that already), and I’ve been creating websites for over 10 years now. For the past few years most of my work has been in front-end development using HTML, CSS and JS, and back end development using PHP and MySQL. Recently I’ve been doing a fair bit of responsive builds, both for websites and also for emails. Previously I’ve done a lot a Flash work in ActionScript 2/3 and also a couple of AIR apps. I’ve used a lot of APIs, including those by Twitter, Campaign Monitor and Vimeo and also created a few of my own.

All of my work is beautifully crafted, I have a real eye for design and like to get things looking pixel perfect. My HTML is validated, semantic, accessible and written with SEO in mind. My other coding is also perfectly presented and indented.  ;-)

Here’s a quick overview of  my skills and experience. If you want more info, just get in touch!

jQuery, Backbone.js, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony
ExpressionEngine, WordPress, SlideShowPro Director, Perch
Subversion, Git, Mercurial
Sublime Text, CodeKit, NetBeans, Eclipse, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, InDesign

I’ve had the good fortune of working with some fantastic clients, and I have no shame in listing some of the more illustrious brands that I’ve worked with below!

The theme for this blog wasn’t created by me, shock horror! I’ve been putting off doing this for so long and the main excuse has been that I couldn’t come up with a design that I liked. I hate trying to brand myself, and by the time I’ve designed and built something I’ve normally changed my mind! So this wonderful theme by Orman Clark will do quite nicely for now!