If I’m doing larger content managed sites I tend to combine and compress scripts server-side, but for smaller sites I used to not bother. Manually combining and compressing files isn’t much fun, and you’ve normally got better things to do with your time. Yes you could install a server-side library like minify, but sometimes that’s not the best option.This is where¬†CodeKit comes in handy.

CodeKit runs in the background, once you’ve added a project it will do it’s thing whenever you save a file. You can combine javascript files, prepending or appending them to others. You can use CoffeeScript if you like too. You can choose JSHint or JSLint to check syntax. Similarly with CSS you can import, combine and compress files and compile SASS or LESS.

For me it takes all of the hassle out of optimising scripts. It makes working with stylesheet metalanguages a breeze. I’ve been using LESS for a while and ¬†recently switched to SASS, and the way it just automatically compiles and minifies is great. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

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