Getting Busy With CSS3

I’m a big fan of Premium Pixels, by Orman Clark and love his little freebies that he gives away every now and then. What annoys me about them is that they’re just designs, I want it to work! For ages I’ve sat there going “I wish someone would code these up!”. Can you see where I’m going with this one? For ages I’ve also wanted to play with CSS3 and see how far I could push it. Cue eureka! moment…

I’m starting with the most recent freebie which is an image gallery design.I’m also getting started with Mercurial, so I’m hosting this little test on Bitbucket. I’ve done my first commit, and got it to a stage where I have the thumbnail grid done, complete with rollovers. Everything except the actual thumbnail image is CSS.

My next step is to get the main image in, and then start making it compatible with more browsers than just Mozilla and Webkit. I’m quite pleased with it (and myself!) so far though, and it’s been good to see how far I can push CSS3 into doing what I want.

You can download the source, and do lots of Mercuial type stuff over at the Bitbucket repository, or you can view the demo.

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