Having Email Fun Without Images

After seeing some pretty cool emails from Pizza Express I’ve been itching to do something similar for a while, building an email that looks great when images are turned off!

Now, of course all your emails should look great when images are turned off, but what Pizza Express has been doing is extra special and using table cells to create pixelated versions of images when they’re turned off.

Our Christmas email at work used pixelated artwork which provided a great use for this technique. By using table cells to create the images they’re visible whether or not images are turned on.

I used the table method sparingly to keep the HTML to content ratio as low as possible and avoid tripping the spam alarms, so there are still images in the emailer, but I think the effect that you can get is very effective and definitely something more people should be trying!

What I especially like about this technique is that there’s no new technology involved and it won’t only be viewed by people with the latest browsers. It’s just a great idea using existing methods!

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