Hello Mountee!

I’ve recently been doing a lot of ExpressionEngine work, and with that comes the pain of editing it’s template files. I tried doing it via the built-in editor, I tried using ExpressionEngine’s ”Synchronise Templates” feature, I even tried editing a copy of the files locally and then pasting them into the built-in editor. Needless to say these “solutions” weren’t cutting the mustard and it was getting right on my tits – until I happened upon Mountee.

It mounts your ExpressionEngine templates as a drive on your Mac, allowing you to use your editor of choice. To get started you need to install a module in your ExpressionEngine control panel, then fire up Mountee, enter your control panel address and login details then connect. It’s as easy as that! Changes are saved straight to your database, so you just need to hit refresh to see them in action. Mountee loads up lightning fast and saves changes even faster. You create new template groups by adding folders and new templates by adding files. Mountee will also allow you to edit template preferences (type, caching etc) and manages snippets and global variables.

The only issue I’ve had is that it sometimes loses the connection if my machine has gone to sleep, there’s no error message but you soon realise that your changes aren’t being pushed live. A quick eject and connect re-establishes the connection.

Mountee is an invaluable ExpressionEngine tool, I can’t sing it’s praises highly enough. It makes editing template so quick and easy, it really is fantastic. There’s a 14 day trial, so there;s no excuse not to try it! I’m off to buy my copy now! ;-)

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