Don’t Forget To Document

So I’m trying to resurrect my portfolio, mainly so I actually have a record of what it is I’ve been doing all these years. I’ve come across a massive oversight on my part, my failure to document what I’ve done. Yes I can remember the projects that I’ve worked on, but do I have any documentation? No. The best I’ve got is a few screenshots that have been resized or cropped.

It’s fine when you’re adding work that you’ve created recently and still have online, because you can go back to it and get what you need. However, if the work that you’ve done has subsequently been replaced, taken down or your access has been revoked you’ll probably struggle to get anything. You might be able to eek out a screenshot or two from the Wayback Machine, but it’s a shot in the dark, and pointless if there was any kind access restriction to the site.

You need to get in the habit of taking screenshots of multiple pages, as large as possible. Keep the original screenshots not just the cropped thumbnails! That way, when you’re portfolio design changes, you’re not screwed! Ideally you should record user interaction with the site, that way you can give an impression of how any nice interactive bits work. Write everything down! How it works, what your involvement was, what you found challenging and what you learned along the way.

Do it now! If you put if off, you might find that by the time you get around to it you can’t remember or get at half of what you need.

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