It’s So Hard To Find Good Help These Days

I can’t deny it, I’m in love with Campaign Monitor’s support team. They’re amazing! Not only do I get a reply in about 6 hours, but it’s from a real person, who speaks English! As if that wasn’t good enough, they’re genuinely nice people with a sense of humour too. Take my latest reply:

Hi Darren,

Once again thanks for letting us know. I’ve checked with all the tags and it looks like these attributes are all stripped out when the links are generated, however it annoys me that they’re there also.

I’ve added a task to fix this bug however the change won’t be made for a week or two at this stage. In the meantime hopefully you can bring yourself to ignore them (not sure if I could though).


Toby Brain

There’s no scripted response or insincere corporate platitudes, Toby has replied just like a normal person would. Toby also knows what he’s doing, he’s checked out the bug that I reported and is going to fix it. The bug I reported doesn’t even affect anything functionally, it’s just a minor annoyance! It would be so easy to dismiss my email as an annoyance too – but no, the Campaign Monitor support team and just too damned good for that!

Right, I’ll stop fawning over Toby and the rest of the team now! I just wish that every support experience I have could be this good.

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