Mercurial: My DVCS of choice

It’s been a while since I started looking at using a Distributed Version Control system. In my previous post I talked about the pros and cons of Subversion, now it’s time I talked about why I went for Mercurial.I tried out both Git and Mercurial, and to be honest I found them both quite similar. Git had a bit of a steeper learning curve than Mercurial, but not so much as to make it too difficult to grasp. Mercurial commands are a little more similar to Subversion ones, but again it’s only a minor difference. With Mercurial you can’t edit your history like you can in Git, which is generally considered a good thing.

So with both options being much of a muchness I needed something else to pull me in one direction or another. I wanted online access to my repositories, for them to be private, and for it not to cost me anything. Is that asking too much? Obviously there’s GitHub, but if you want private repositories you have to pay. Bitbucket to the rescue!

At the time I went with Bitbucket, it was Mercurial only. Since then it’s been bought by Atlassian and they’ve added Git support as well. So Bitbucket basically made the choice for me, free unlimited private repositories for up to 5 users – what more could you ask for? I’ve been using it for a while now and can’t fault it! Atalassian also acquired SourceTree, a really nice GUI which keeps me happy!

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