Who Are You Kidding?

In my endeavour to keep a record of my portfolio I’ve been scouring the web for images of projects that I’ve worked on. I’ve done cool stuff for big companies so I didn’t think I’d have too much trouble finding screenshots. What I wasn’t prepared for was finding them on other people’s portfolios.

PDF Rendering Using Canvas

I’ve just been read an overview of pdf.js, an experiment to find out if the ISO 32000-1:2008 Portable Document Format can be rendered using HTML5. It’s an interesting idea, and they’re talking about turning it into a Firefox extension in the next few months. It’s apparently a tiny bit faster and more stable than Adobe’s own renderer.


Don’t Use IDs In Selectors

This was the warning message I got when I tried out CSS Lint the other day. It confused me, had something changed and I hadn’t realised?

MySQL Transactions

In my humble opinion, not enough people know about or use MySQL transactions. Personally I think they’re invaluable and can make keeping your tables in sync a cinch!


Don’t Forget To Document

So I’m trying to resurrect my portfolio, mainly so I actually have a record of what it is I’ve been doing all these years. I’ve come across a massive oversight on my part, my failure to document what I’ve done. Yes I can remember the projects that I’ve worked on, but do I have any documentation? No. The best I’ve got is a few screenshots that have been resized or cropped.

Flash Isn’t Dead

I’m usually very quick to shout “Flash is dead” when a designer asks if a site will be in Flash, so let me explain why. Flash isn’t dead, not by a long stretch, but its habitat is being encroached upon. I’ve been creating Flash sites for over 10 years now, so I’ve seen the rise and fall of the use of Flash in websites.


How do you like your tea? Pantone 7508 C thanks.

No seriously. I’m quite particular about my tea! I mean, I drink upwards of six cups a day so I’d like to enjoy something I’m drinking that often! No sugar now either, had my first filling at the tender age of 28 probably due to my teeth being coated with sugary tea for 8 hours a day!

Get the kettle on!

Where are my rounded corners?

I was reading a blog post extolling the benefits of explaining to clients that they can’t have rounded corners (or other CSS niceties) in older browsers. The author argues that it’s too time consuming and expensive to get the same effects in browsers such as IE 7 and 8. Bollocks.


Super Smooth Gradients With Spatter

Gradients can bit a bit problematic, especially when you’re blending two similar colours. You might find you’re left with banding or artefacts ruining your gradient. Cue spatter! It’s a filter in Photoshop which will randomise the gradient and get rid of those horrible bands. This is an extreme banding and spatter example, but I think you’ll agree that the spattered gradient is much better. So next time you have a dodgy gradient click Filters > Brush Strokes > Spatter.


Campaign Monitor Editor – Initial Thoughts

So it’s Monday morning, and the new Campaign Monitor Editor is live! Woo! Yes, it is sad that this is the highlight of my Monday morning.