Edinburgh Festival Fringe Game

Edinburgh Festival Fringe Game

This is by far the most fun and interesting project I’ve had the pleasure of working on, which is why it’s so unbelievably frustrating that I don’t have a copy of it!

This was a Flash game to promote the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Called ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ the aim of the game was to keep customers coming into a cake shop happy by throwing cakes at them! The game got faster and more difficult as it went along. If customers did not get a cake in time they would become upset and leave the store, losing the player points.

The project presented some interesting challenges in terms of cleaning up memory usage as there were hundreds of customers, and if the game  was played multiple times it would have crashed had I not solved that issue. All of the customers moved independently and randomly in the shop, until they got fed up and left.

The soundtrack used was a really cool 8 bit track called Bullcactus by Goto80, although I did get slightly fed up with after a few hundred times! The graphics were brilliant, but I can’t remember the name of the guy that did them – damn my lack of foresight!

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