Emmerdale Interactive

Emmerdale Interactive

This was an exciting project to develop an online tool used by the writers and producers of ITV’s hit soap Emmerdale  to discuss upcoming story-lines and share resources.

Security was the foremost concern, due to the nature of the content there could be no risk of a plot leak. So I created a two part login system consisting of a username and password and then three characters from a memorable word, akin to online banking logins. This was coupled with account locking after too many incorrect logins and of course SSL. IP addresses and user agent strings were also monitored to ensure users were not sharing account details. Every action on the site was logged, from editing a user to viewing a post. A complete audit trail could be carried out on any user or piece of content at any time, via the onsite reporting features.

Aside from the über secure login the site is pretty standard, with posting and commenting, file uploading, notifications etc. Pretty boring in comparison really!

It was a great opportunity to really learn about security in online applications, and then implement it to the nth degree! Another quite cool and slightly weird aspect to the project was working at the studios in Leeds and having lunch in the canteen with the cast sat there in costume!

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