Spritely Images

It used to be the case that you would only sprite images as a last resort, it was a way for the big boys to reduce server load by minimising requests. Nowadays though everyone can and probably should benefit from sprite images.


Campaign Monitor Editor – Initial Thoughts

So it’s Monday morning, and the new Campaign Monitor Editor is live! Woo! Yes, it is sad that this is the highlight of my Monday morning.


Non Tiling Background Using A Tile And Prime Numbers

OK, is the title confusing? It confuses me! I can’t think of a succinct way of explaining this, or just how freakin’ cool it is. I did just use the word freakin’ yes. Anyway, tiling backgrounds are great, except that they’re just so darn uniform. That’s fine if you want a uniform background, but if you want something a little more organic then you can be looking at some quite hefty file sizes.