Don’t Use IDs In Selectors

This was the warning message I got when I tried out CSS Lint the other day. It confused me, had something changed and I hadn’t realised?

MySQL Transactions

In my humble opinion, not enough people know about or use MySQL transactions. Personally I think they’re invaluable and can make keeping your tables in sync a cinch!

Flash Isn’t Dead

I’m usually very quick to shout “Flash is dead” when a designer asks if a site will be in Flash, so let me explain why. Flash isn’t dead, not by a long stretch, but its habitat is being encroached upon. I’ve been creating Flash sites for over 10 years now, so I’ve seen the rise and fall of the use of Flash in websites.

Where are my rounded corners?

I was reading a blog post¬†extolling the benefits of explaining to clients that they can’t have rounded corners (or other CSS niceties) in older browsers. The author argues that it’s too time consuming and expensive to get the same effects in browsers such as IE 7 and 8. Bollocks.


Campaign Monitor Editor – Initial Thoughts

So it’s Monday morning, and the new Campaign Monitor Editor is live! Woo! Yes, it is sad that this is the highlight of my Monday morning.


Non Tiling Background Using A Tile And Prime Numbers

OK, is the title confusing? It confuses me! I can’t think of a succinct way of explaining this, or just how freakin’ cool it is. I did just use the word freakin’ yes. Anyway, tiling backgrounds are great, except that they’re just so darn uniform. That’s fine if you want a uniform background, but if you want something a little more organic then you can be looking at some quite hefty file sizes.

The New Campaign Monitor Editor

Campaign Monitor are about to release a much needed update to their editor! I’ve always felt that their editor was a bit restrictive, with only one repeater block it’s hard to give clients as much control as I’d sometimes like to. All that looks set to change though now with the promise of multiple layouts with the same repeater and more flexible content combinations in repeaters. Sad as it may seem the first thing I’ll be doing on Monday is checking out the new editor!