Infinite CSS Shapes

I’ve used CSS to create squares and rectangles (obviously), I’ve also created lozenges and circles, even triangles in CSS. I’ve seen hexagons and pentagons, but never the infinity symbol! It’s really cool, there’s also some nice stars and hearts!


Nested Animation On Canvas

I wanted to explore the possibility of using animated butterflies on a site I was doing, so took the opportunity to try out some animation on Canvas using JavaScript. 


Non Tiling Background Using A Tile And Prime Numbers

OK, is the title confusing? It confuses me! I can’t think of a succinct way of explaining this, or just how freakin’ cool it is. I did just use the word freakin’ yes. Anyway, tiling backgrounds are great, except that they’re just so darn uniform. That’s fine if you want a uniform background, but if you want something a little more organic then you can be looking at some quite hefty file sizes.